Injector Cleaning

The openings on fuel injectors are smaller than pinholes so they tend to get clogged pretty easily. Once they’re clogged, this blockage can cause problems with acceleration, a decrease in power, higher emissions, and a costly increase in fuel consumption.

At Court Autos, we recommend regular injector cleaning at our workshop in Telford. Your owner’s manual should tell you precisely how often the injectors on your specific vehicle need to be cleaned, but we would suggest roughly every 25,000 miles. It depends a lot on what type of driving you do – urban driving with lots of short trips tends to cause injectors to clog up more than longer, motorway journeys do.

Court Autos is a Bosch Car Service centre which means that you can 100% depend on the expertise of our technicians. You can feel confident in the work that will be done to your vehicle and in the customer service that you’ll receive.

To find out more about Injector Cleaning in Telford, contact us online or call us directly on 01952 581189

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