Vehicle Servicing

Vehicle Servicing

Court Auto’s offer a full range of Bosch Approved Car services, and a range of servicing options for other vehicles. Our Car Servicing and Maintenance options are designed to be as clear and transparent as possible, so the customer can understand what we are doing, while always offering great value for money.

We have a roadside recovery vehicle as well as 3 courtesy cars to help you stay on the road while we are servicing or working on your vehicle. We aim to offer a prestige full garage service, whether you need a full service or fault finding with a light on the dashboard. Court Auto’s also have a courtesy Van, ideal for keeping you on the road while your commercial vehicle is being serviced or worked on.

Our knowledgeable receptionists will offer you a warm welcome, and if you have to wait, will show you into our comfortable waiting room. Court Auto’s can also offer a full valeting service, leaving your car as clean as when it left the factory and smelling fresh.

Our Bosch Approved Car Services include the following:

Level Checks
Replace Engine Oil
Oil Filter Change
Tyre Check
Electrics Check
Spark Plug Change
Air Filter Change
Pollen Filter Change
Fuel Filter Change
Brake Check & Clean
Fuel Line Check
Brake Line Check
Suspension Check
Exhaust Check
Seatbelt Checks
Prices from
£81.99 inc Vat

 Intermediate Service
£135.99 inc Va

 Full Service

The service price differs between make and model, and recommended maintenance items.

For a more detailed quote, please fill out the form on our contact page including your registration number, or give Court Autos a call on 01952 581 189.

All things mechanical…

Antiroll bar links Brake pads/disks Track rod ends Tyres Suspension arms
Cambelts, Water pump & Aux belt Alternators Batteries Starter motor Glow plugs
Coolant Radiator Air con radiator Shocker Absorbers Top mounts Coil springs
Windscreen wipers Egr valves Fuel filter Bulbs (ALL) Handbrake cables
Callipers Oil pressure switch Coil pack Airbag sensors Map Sensors
ABS sensors Steering column Cv boots Drive shaft Gearbox refurb
Engine rebuilds Clutch Dual mass Head gasket Exhaust
Welding work Dust covers ABS unit Ecu suite Airbags
Aircon compressor Coolant bottles Ball joints Brake pipes Brake hoses
Heater blower motors Resistors Brake light switches Reverse light switches Horns
Camshaft Crankshaft Gear cables Seals Window regulators
Fuel pumps Hoses Ignition coil Gaskets (Various) Mass air flow sensor
Oxygen sensors Swirl flaps Oil pumps PAS pump Steering angle sensors
Steering rack Differential Temperature sensor Thermostat & housing Wiper motor
Wiper linkage CAT Aircon belt Aux belt Auto gear box
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