Court Auto’s offer a full range of tyres in stock, so can cater for almost any model while you wait. Using our Fast Fit scheme, we can fit your tyres while you take a seat in out relaxing waiting room and we’ll have you driving again in no time!

With a huge range of tyres in stock, we can cater for almost any make and model of car, and any which we don’t stock we can source the same day. We can offer you budget or branded tyres for your car, so we will have a tyre to suit your budget.

We can provide a full range of tyres for cars and commercial vehicles, as well as combining this tyre fitting service with our other fast fit services or a service for your vehicle.

As we change every tyre, we also replace tyre valves, balance your car tyres to ensure they wear evenly and ensure that the disposal of your tyres is environmentally friendly.

Our state-of-the-art laser alignment ensures that your tyres will wear evenly, and make sure there is no premature wear on an area of the tyre which forces you to buy a new set.

With a full set tyre repair tools and machinery, we can repair most punctures or re-seal tyres to alloy wheels. If your tyres are losing pressure, we are happy to check your tyres for leakage or punctures.

While we have your car, we will also check that all of your other tyres are safe and legal.

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